Roland TR-505 ROM expander
ROM expander for up to 8banks of sounds from other drum machines, like Linn LM-1, LinnDrum, Oberheim DMX, TR-808, TR-909, Akai XR10, CR-78.
More info here

PRICE : 40
ON STOCK : 9 pcs
  Mt32 pi midi hat
Hat for Rapsberry PI to emulate Roland MT-32 + General Midi synthesizer. Blue OLED display and i2s DAC.
Based upon Github project

PRICE : 37
ON STOCK : 0 pcs
  EPROM 32 to 28 pin adapter
In case if you want use newer TOS, you must burn it on EPROM, but we mostly using 27C010/similar EEPROM and they are 32 pin. In old Ataris are used one time programable ROMs / OTP with 28 pin. So this adapter is ideal + you can use it for other platforms too.
New adapter with 4 banks switch selectable and CE pin for TOS 2.06 with 27C040 Eproms.

PRICE : 10 for pair
ON STOCK : 5 pairs
  IDE interface for Mega ST based on P.Putnik design
Lighweight IDE interface for MegaST / Megabus, without buffers for short connected IDE devices. For TOS 1.04 you need patched TOS to boot. TOS 2.06 is IDE native supported but you need to connect ROM2 to interface and CE to roms.
Production ended, due problems with not buffered datalines if connected more extension cards.

PRICE : 20
PREORDER : Discontinued
  Ethernet interface with Realtek 8019AS shield
Ethernet interface with Realtek 8019AS for ATARI ST/STe/TT. Based on EtherneC fully compatible with STING drivers.
The RTL8019AS board is from Ebay.

Still hawe some PCBs, but ethernet boards are not longer available.

  EIFEL PS2 mouse + keyboard to ST/STe/TT interface
Simple interface to connect PS2 mouse and keyboard to any ST/STe/TT. Plus you have option to connect 9pin joystick. There is also possibility connect thermal sensor to control
fan switching.

PRICE : 40
  TENOXVGA ECL to VGA converter for Atari TT
ECL to VGA conventor for Atari TT, show HiRes 1280x960 monochrom on VGA monitor. Based on yet opensource project of Antony Sawicky.

PRICE : 60
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